• Professional Development Seminars 2013-14

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    Applications for 2014-15 Seminars will open in Spring 2014. 

    Our 2013-14 seminars offer diverse opportunities to engage in sustained inquiry, deepen our practice as educators, and support student growth.  Many of this year's programs address issues related to integrative learning, such as overcoming fragmentation and helping students progress towards graduation and transfer.  Several are related to alignment and other key priorities in the LaGuardia Strategic Plan:  exploring hybrid/online learning, understanding advisement, and strengthening the First Year Experience.

    In 2013-14, the Center will coordinate a diverse set of professional development seminars for LaGuardia's full-time and part-time faculty from Academic Affairs and Adult and Continuing Education, and has now begun offering programs for Student Affairs staff as well.
    All seminars are led by faculty-staff teams, bringing colleagues together to learn and share insights in a supportive professional community.  Across the board, these programs can help you address your own professional goals and contribute to key College-wide initiatives. 

    To learn more about a seminar, click on its name.

    The Art of Advising: Learning and Implementing Holistic Advisement Skills 

    New to College! Building First Year Success 

    Strengthening Core Learning: Competencies, Integration, and Student Success 

    Faculty Scholars Publication Workshop 

    Cultivating and Expanding Hybrid/Online Teaching and Learning  

    Connected Learning: ePortfolio and Integrative Pedagogy 

    The ePortfolio/Assessment Mini-Grant Program 

    Seminars and Programs Not Currently Accepting Applications

    Carnegie Seminar on Teaching and Learning 

    Making Digital Learning Count: Expanding Online/Hybrid Education in Mathematics  

    Community 2.0: Teaching and Learning Networks - Spring 1/Fall 1 2013 

    New Faculty Colloquium 

    Connect to Learning: ePortfolio, Engagement and Student Success 

    Making Transfer Connections: ePortfolio and Student Success Across CUNY 

    In Transit: The LaGuardia Journal on Teaching and Learning